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Last update May 15, 2002

Watch this site for new listings soon! They will include:
Imperial, Sonola, Crucianelli, and Rivoli accordions.

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Offered For Sale  PANcordion Baton - built in New York, USA. Reeds totally re-waxed and tuned. Cleveland style. It was built in the early fifties, has an extended 43 note keyboard,140 bass, and has all HM reeds, we are told by Bugari. Serial number is #1511. OFFERS??

Soprani Modern - 4/5 sets HM reeds, LMMM Cleveland tuned,13T/6B switches. Best Quality Sennheiser mikes installed. 19 1/2" keyboard. New straps and backpad. Very fast quiet action. The ultimate in polka power. $2150.00 US

Farfiisa Synth-Organ - C fingering Chromatic Excellent condition. 3/4 sets reeds, tuned musette. Bellows re-taped, perfect compression.7 treble switches,6 bass switches. Separate pickups. New straps, excellent case. 20 years old in good tune. Small crack in grill, strictly cosmetic c/w tone generator-volume pedal. Midi retrofit on treble side-add any module. All switches and controls work great. $2495 US

Titano Stroller - 3/5 sets reeds LMH, dry tuned. 7T / 4B switches. Great pickups. Accordion is in showroom condition. Absolutely like new, with no scuff marks or scratches. New straps, and great case in like new condition. Full size 19 " keyboard. Weighs about 23 lbs. 

Colombo Special Midi ll - Like new Colombo 4/5 HM reed double tone chamber accordion. Tuned very light and pleasant musette. In great tune and accordion and midi system is like new. Features 11T/7B and master switch. Very responsive and plays like a new accordion. Keys have the typical small hairline cracks so evident in all plastic key tops. Hard to see unless real close up. Has new pro straps, and a like new case, plus a good back pad. The Midi ll system is the most user friendly midi control system out there. I have 75 yr. old first time users programming these without a problem. Features two channels to the right keyboard, one to bass, one to chords and a channel to control a drum machine. Can supply a module for cost with this instrument. 

Excelsior Model OO - This very well respected accordion is still popular and a lot of players I talk to owns one. It was built in New York and features handmade reeds, second to none. Tuned dry and only 21 lbs., this makes a great strolling accordion that won't break your back while playing. It is scratched up, and marked up but still plays great. Features 4/5 sets of reeds with LMMH, and the four treble switches each control one set of reeds, so there are lots of combinations. It has a good set of stereo pickups, good straps, a well used, but still strong case, and has a back pad. Tuning is good, and it is powerful. 

A professional Universal accordion, with very little playing time on it. It is a 1970's model, and has 4/5 sets of reeds with 11 treble and 5 bass switches and a master switch. It is dry tuned, and two of the treble switches turn a very good mute on and off. It has stereo factory pickups in it, a new back pad, like new case and excellent pro straps. This one will play for a lot of years without having to ever take it to your favourite repairman.$1295 US

Imperial Tone Master - Imperial Tone master. Top of the line pro accordion. LMMM, one set musette tuned. Condensor mikes, retuned, USA built, in excellent condition. OFFERS?









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