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Last update May 15, 2002

I carry the full line of Weltmeister accordions at very competitive prices, but will only show the two most popular models I have been selling. I can get them all, and if you need a catalogue or particular model, please call for information and pricing of these fine German built instruments.


Corina 111.jpg (60011 bytes)

Corina III 

3/4 sets reeds
Available in most keys
5 treble switches
Many colors
Lots of air, very responsive
Case and straps included



Achat.jpg (61656 bytes)

Very versatile, light weight
 72 bass
34 treble keys
3/3 sets reeds
Musette or dry tuned
5 treble switches
Variety of colors
Case and straps included



Click on name to see picture 

Beltuna Artist IV Midi 4/5 sets reeds, 9T/4B switches and Master Tuned Musette Sennheiser mikes installed. Master S2000 Logic Midi system, 128 internal sounds, just plug in and play or midi to any module, 99 presets, 5 pedal board, multi functional. Transmits on 7 channels simultaneously Velocity sensitive Bellows dynamics. Capable of using three separate foot volume controls ONLY 20 lbs $4395 US or call for package with module.




EMU Ultra Proteus module. One of the best and easiest module to use with your midi accordion. I have an extra one so am offering it for sale. Is loaded with all the great sounds, like strings, pianos, horns, guitars, organs, choirs, etc. etc. And if you don't like the sound, just tap in and change it to your liking. Transmits on all 16 channels, which is a must for accordions. Comes complete with a manual. Like new. 









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